An awesome listening experience in style

The impressively looking soundbar from KlipXtreme redefines the way you experience audio. This versatile 2.1 stereo system features matching satellites that can be transformed into two twin towers, split into left and right speakers for greater placement flexibility and best of all, they can be converted into a one-piece soundbar for a sleek, modern look. A dedicated subwoofer delivers immersive and powerful bass, capable of bringing any sound to life. Compatible with Bluetooth®, the system streams music seamlessly from compatible devices up to 33 feet from the audio source. Boasting 200 watts of stage quality audio with cinema-like accuracy, this sound system is the perfect addition to your entertainment room or home theater system!

  • Versatile configuration options: Tower speakers (stand), traditional left and right (wall mount), complete soundbar (one piece)
  • 2.1 channel surround sound system that combines a bold design, the latest wireless technology and great acoustic quality
  • Classy black finish that complements your stylish decor
  • 200 watts of total power output through an 8-inch subwoofer and two satellite speakers
  • Optical digital ensures astonishing crisp, life like audio
  • USB port and 3.5mm connection
  • Front control panel
  • Convenient remote control