Notebook Stand Black with Fan and 4 USB Ports

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Type of product

Cooling station with 4 port USB hub

Ergonomically designed

Ergonomically designed to reduce wrist, neck, and eye strain.

Efficiency, comfort and ergonomic design

Excessive computer heat is uncomfortable and inconvenient, and can damage your laptop and slow down your machine’s processing speed. The KlipXtreme® Laptop Stand / Cooling Station silently and efficiently cools your laptop, prolonging the life of the device and giving you a much cozier work environment. Its ergonomic design raises the screen to your eye level, improving viewing comfort and reducing neck and wrist strain through improved posture. It includes a 4-port USB hub to connect a keyboard, mouse, and any other peripheral device.

  • Works with laptops up to 17 inches
  • 4-port USB 2.0 hub
  • Elegant black design perfectly complements most laptops

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