small subtleties

Given our currently active lifestyles, we need devices designed to withstand the elements such as water and dust. If it’s possible that your phone, camera or audio device can fall into the water, you should seek products with IPX7 rating that ensures your electronic device will continue working if it’s submerged 3.2ft in water for 30 minutes.

Some tips for your product: (customization):

  • Always review the product’s technical specifications to make sure it has this feature.   
  • Also, take into consideration that when we refer to liquids, it means sweet water since other liquids can be corrosive and ruin the electronic device, and it won’t be backed by the warranty.  
  • 7 IPX rating indicates that it’s water resistant, not completely waterproof.   
  • You shouldn’t constantly submerge the electronic device because it will stop working.   

Always read the small print in the warranty to consider any other aspect that can create doubts.