speakers, which one is right for me?

Do you need a high-power audio system to hold parties, gatherings with friends and social events, or you just enjoy the audio that a powerful equipment can deliver but you want to place it in your living room to intensify the sound of your home theater system or have a good musical system.

Party speakers: They’re big and heavy, send powerful sound through a subwoofer and several satellite speakers to cover a wide range of frequencies. Compatible with Bluetooth® technology, they feature multicolor lights, jacks to connect microphones and guitars, and several ports to play music from other audio sources. They’re completely portable with built-in handles and wheels. You can use them to stream audio at your party or gathering. An excellent option for DJs or live events.  

Floorstanding speakers with elegant design: They’re especially designed to be part of your entertainment center since their modern lines easily adapt to your home decor. Are also called “towers” and have an innovative design. They’re known for producing clear and surround sound through powerful subwoofers and tweeters. Feature multicolor LED lights, jacks for several audio sources, microphone ports and Bluetooth® technology.  

p style="text-align: justify;">You will be able to find in the market a wide variety of speakers classified as “big audio” so you can choose the best one and invest in a quality audio system for you according to the features we just explained.