Podium - KAS-001

Laptop Stands



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Portable aluminum laptop stand


Sturdy aluminum construction


For laptops up to 15.6”


Portable / foldable stand


2.5in height

Solid stability and portability for ultimate comfort

The portable laptop stand KAS-001 makes it easy to work virtually anywhere. Lightweight and easy to fold can be packed in your backpack or left in your work station. Its sturdiness, height and open panel design provide maximum comfort to the user and a better performance of the equipment being used at all times. Its stability and reliability will make the KAS-001 the perfect addition to work comfortably at home or at the offce.

  • Wide compatibility: The aluminum laptop stand will fit laptops between 11 to 15.6in, like Macbooks, MacBook Airs, Macbook Pros, iPad Pro, Tablets, Powerbooks, etc.
  • Stable and durable built: It features a non-slip rubberized base to ensure maximum stability avoiding unnecessary accidents
  • Ventilated and open design: A hollow aluminum panel allows for natural air flow for a better laptop performance, preventing equipment from overheating
  • Foldable and portable: Lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack to take it anywhere
  • Ergonomic design: Elevates your laptop screen to a comfortable eye level height achieving a better working angle and correcting body posture
Icon-Specifications-grupo.png Specifications
  • Type: Laptop aluminum stand
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 8.8x8.9x.16in (without adjustment)
  • Laptop compartment: 11-15.6in
  • Load capacity: 11lb
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Weight: 13oz
Icon-led-indicador.png Additional features
  • Height unfolded: 6,3 cm
  • Warranty: One year-limited