2 in 1 Lightning® & Micro USB cable KAC-210


2 in 1 cable


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2 in 1 Lightning® & Micro USB cable


Lightning® y micro USB


USB connector


Charging rate



and braided cord

3.2ft /1.0m

Made for Apple

A versatile solution to sync and charge your devices

The KAC-210 is the perfect solution for charging and syncing your iPhone and iPad through its Lightning® connector, or any other device featuring a micro USB connection. This heavy duty Lightning® to USB cable connects directly to any computer, wall or car adapter with a standard USB Type-A port. Its aluminum plated connectors as well as the sturdy braided design guarantee longer durability and resistance. It conveniently comes with a Velcro tie to keep the cable organized and in the length you need when charging. The MFi certification provides a greater level of safety and compatibility any time you use it. 


  • Convenient 3.2ft long cable to better accommodate your sync and charging needs
  • Braided 3.3mm-diameter cord for greater resistance and durability
  • Built with aluminum housings to promote maximum signal quality and strength
  • It features a charging capability of 2.4A
  • It comes with a Velcro tie to reduce cable clutter and easy storage
  • Apple MFi Certification provides full compatibility with Apple devices
Icon-Technical-specifications-grupo.png Technical specifications
  • Type: 2 in 1 Lightning® & Micro USB cable to USB Type-A
  • Connector type: Lightning + Micro USB
  • Wire gauge: 24AWG + 30AWG
  • Conductor material: Copper pin contacts
  • Jacket/Construction material: Nylon braided with PVC cable
  • Shielding material: Aluminum
  • Charging voltage: 5.25VDC at 2.4A
  • Transmission speed/rate: 480Mbps


  • Applications: iPhone and most of Android system mobile phones. Other devices featuring a micro USB port
  • Standards: 2.0
  • Outer diameter: 3.3mm
  • Cable length: 3.2ft
  • Weight: 1.76oz
  • Certifications: MFi certified
  • Warranty: 1 year