Square projection screen KPS-380W

Wall Screens

Square projection screen


Click to see in 360°

Manual pull down unit


Dual wall and ceiling installation design


1:1 aspect ratio


Maximum screen

85 Inch

Project your vision, bring your ideas to life

This projection screen is very easy to use. Just pull it down and when you are done, roll it back up and it will lock automatically! Its white matte finish eliminates both glare and reflections. This durable projection screen may be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. Available with white case.

  • 1:1 square format
  • White matte surface
  • Flame retardant and seamless fabric
  • Dual wall and ceiling installation design
  • Self-locking system that snaps into place for adjustable height
  • Screen ensures increased visibility and image clarity from every angle
  • Ideal for home theater applications and business presentations
Icon-Specifications-grupo.png Specifications
  • Color: White
  • Gain: 1.1
  • Fire retardant: Yes
  • Metallic frame paint Finish: Electrostatic spray
  • Mount type: Wall and ceiling
  • Operation mode: Manual
  • Screen color: Matte white
  • Screen material: Outside PVC layers, internal cloth layer
  • Viewing angle: 100°
Icon-Dimensions-grupo.png Dimensions
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1
  • Maximum screen size: 85in
  • Screen dimensions (HxWxD): 59.84x59.84x02in
  • Viewing area height: 56.69in
  • Viewing area width: 57.88in
  • Weight: 10.80lb
Icon-Additional-information-grupo.png Additional information
  • Warranty: One year-limited